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When white lines between lanes are broken, overtaking is allowed, when they are solid it is discouraged. When yellow lines between opposing traffic on a single carriageway one lane on each side are broken, passing is allowed in either direction when it is safe. When there is a double yellow line of which one is broken and the other is solid, passing is allowed only on the broken side. A double solid yellow line means no passing. When there is more than one lane for vehicles travelling in a particular direction, they should keep to the right-hand lanes if driving at less than the normal speed of travel.

The left-hand lanes are for fast vehicles and those passing. They serve as visual reminders and warnings - just keep your eyes peeled when on Canadian roads!

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One thing to note is that in Quebec, signs are likely to be in French or a combination of French and English. Like with traffic lights, red and green are used in signs to tell drivers where to stop and where to do. Red circles with red bars across a black symbol are easily recognisable as forbidding the pictured action - be it turning in a certain direction, parking, biking or any other action represented by a pictorial symbol.

Canadian road signs also use green circles to indicate action which are permitted or are the only option. Occasionally there are plaques attached with further information.

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This group of signs are largely black and yellow, generally diamond-shaped although school crossing signs can be rectangular. Warning signs serve to alert drivers to hazards and features of the road which require special attention - these represented by simple pictographs used worldwide. Hazards include narrow roads or bridges, intersections, hidden sideroads, stretches of road which are slippery when wet, steep hills, railway crossings and more.

Black and orange warning signs are of a temporary nature, indicating a temporary road condition. Most commonly, this means construction zones and roadworks. School zone signs warning that children are around, and often prescribing new speed limits, are bright yellow-green. These green and white signs give a lot of handy information about where you are going and how to get there.

They show the way to towns, cities and natural landmarks, and also give distances so you can plan your trip. The National Highway System is a network of highways and freeways controlled-access highways in Canada, with routes found in all Canadian provinces and territories except Nunavut which is without road connections. The Trans-Canada Highway is the backbone of the network, not a single highway but a system of roads totalling nearly 8, kilometres.

It includes the major cross-country routes, in most places comprising two routes running east-west with a detached section in Newfoundland. If you are planning a long road trip in Canada, you are likely to spend some time on the Trans-Canada Highways! The roads of the National Highway System are generally grouped into core, feeder and remote classifications, but these are not distinguished in their titles; all are marked with a number. However, when asking for directions, keep in mind that many locals refer to them by name rather than number - for example, the Trans-Canada Highway 16 in Alberta is called the Yellowhead Highway.

The shields showing highway numbers vary from province to province, as does the system of numbering. The roadside facilities available vary widely between provinces.

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Other parts of the country offer basic rest stops with picnic facilities and sometimes basic bathrooms. Some toll roads have booths, while others are electronic and read your number plate - it is a good idea to ask your rental company pre or post rental about how you can pay those. Parking in Canada, as in any other country, is usually only an issue when it comes to urban areas - otherwise, you can probably find a likely spot in which to park on the side of the road or in a provided lot.

It is illegal to park in front of fire hydrants, on the sidewalk or facing the wrong way on the road. Be very careful parking on the street when it is snowing, as snowploughs require space to do their job. Parking laws change between provinces and territories, but the signage can be recognised nationwide. These will often be used in conjunction with arrows and text specifying where exactly you may or may not park, for how long and at what times during the day. You cannot park here during those times or you will get towed.

In city centres and downtown areas, paid parking might be your only option, or the most convenient. This might mean a parking meter administered by the city, or a parking building owned and run by a private company.

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Please contact our team to have them resolved. When these do not have traffic lights to control them, they work on a system whereby the first vehicle to arrive at a stop or yield sign has right of way, and failing that, priority is given to the vehicle on the right - or hand gestures are used to work it out. Your rental ends today. Please confirm your preferred travel details. Why book with us?

The primary emergency number in Canada is the same as in the US: This is the number to call for situations which require immediate help from the police, fire service or paramedics. For non-emergency situations requiring the police i. Canada is known for very wintery winters, so if you are visiting anywhere between November and March, be prepared for the possibility of tricky driving - especially if you are heading out of the main centres and straying a little bit north! This might include warm clothes, a small shovel, first aid kit, candles, hi-vis vest, water and snack food.

Ask your rental company about winter tire options, if they do not come standard with winter rentals. Drive slowly, brake before you turn to avoid skidding, and keep your lights on even during the day. Canadians often add a bit of weight to their trunk or truck bed to keep it more stable on slippery roads. Sandbags are dual purpose because if you get stuck in the snow, you can use them to put under the tires to get out. In the more remote areas of Canada, and in places like the Canadian Rockies, wildlife collisions on the road are a concern, both for human drivers and the animals which are so often killed.

Deer are most commonly involved, with other animals occasionally hit on the roads including elk, moose, bears and coyotes. Drivers should pay close attention to warning signs which indicate a higher risk of animal collisions - and take extra care when near a source of water. Dusk and dawn are high animal traffic times.

To reduce the risk, respect the speed limit, slow down when visibility is low and stay alert and prepared to brake if necessary. In short, drive defensively and keep your eyes peeled. For smaller animals, it is safer not to swerve. For a big animal like a moose, swerving is likely the better option - and when collision is inevitable, get as low as possible in case the animal ends up on the roof of the car.

This information is provided on a 'best intentions' basis. While we do our best to ensure the information is error free, we do not warrant its accuracy or adequacy for any intended purpose. The sheer size of Canada is amazing. But how far can you get with the time that you have? Read on to find out - and take a peek at our Canada driving guide before you set off. Even a fortnight might not be long enough to do it justice, as it means driving an average of five hours each day. Three weeks would be good, a month even better. We had a look at the major travel hubs and how far you could get within a day.

With just a morning or afternoon on the road you can be in Ottawa or even to the french-speaking city of Montreal. Skirt around the lake to Niagara Falls in 90 minutes, or cross the border and continue to Buffalo and Rochester in upstate New York.

The lakes are the stars of the show in the Toronto area, and you can get to them all with a car rental from Toronto. If you want to cross the border, you could get to Seattle in less than three hours, and Portland in a few more. To the east, Calgary is a bit of a stretch but the dedicated road tripper could make it there within one full day of driving.

Calgary is a bit more isolated than the other busy centres of travel, but it is close to Banff and Jasper National Parks which is all the incentive people need to use it as a starting point for their Canada car rental journey.

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To get to the township of Banff takes just one and a half hours, and from there the beautiful scenery and opportunities for mountain adventures are waiting. Edmonton is less than three hours to the north, and to the east of Calgary stretches the flat prairies and eventually the city of Regina. Heading west, you could reach Vancouver before nightfall if you hurry- but only if you leave at the crack of dawn!

Montreal is a lovely city, with a beautiful Old Town and plenty of exciting places to eat, drink and be entertained. Anglophone or Francophone- you can take your pick! If you are willing to venture a little further and make it a long day on the road, you could make it as far as Nova Scotia and Halifax or well into the United States. One place for which Edmonton makes a handy starting point is Jasper National Park, four hours to the west of the city.

There you will find small towns, hot springs, lakes and general Canadian beauty.

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Got all day? You could reach the mountain resorts of Banff, Kamloops or Kelowna if you hustle!

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Make a round trip from Vancouver to Banff in your car hire, heading through Kamloops on the way there and Kelowna on the way back. This route takes in the Banff National Park, Glacier National Park and plenty of wonderful mountainous and lake-filled landscapes. The total driving time is just over 20 hours, which works out to an average of 3 hours a day, giving you plenty of time to explore in depth, and even stay a day or two in your favourite location along the way.

Are you dreaming of wide open spaces and country landscapes? Arrange a one-way car rental from Calgary to Thunder Bay and you can traverse the prairie provinces. The total driving time is less than 25 hours, working out to an average of just over three and a half hours per day.

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This leaves a lot of time to spend in any place that catches your fancy along the way- and with this kind of trip, there will be days where you are happy to stay on the road for a lot longer to maximise your time! Picking up your rental car in Toronto presents plenty of options. Why not make for the east coast? We suggest a quick detour to the stunning Niagara Falls before heading to Montreal, where you can join the Trans-Canada Highway alongside the Saint-Laurent.

A total driving time of around 20 hours means less than 3 hours each day spent underway. There will be plenty of places to stop and spend time along the route! Are you inspired to start planning your Canada car rental holiday? Now you know how far you can go, just enter the details of your trip into the simple search engine and hunt down the perfect car hire! Happy travelling! Sign in using reference number? Remember me. Don't have an account? Connect with Facebook Connect with Google. Your rental ends today. Your rental has ended. We are sorry, we are unable to retrieve your Upcoming Reservations currently.

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