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Royalty Rates for Medical Devices – Negotiating Deals We are aware that healthcare has made incredible advances over the years, but we believe it is still in need of improvement. Few innovations in the medical sector end-up being implemented as there are an entire host of challenges that scares many. I am excited to announce our newest investment in three Montreal founders that are building a new medical device which aims to pave the way for a better treatment for heart failure disease.


Puzzle Medical Devices PMD is a Montreal-based company that is building a new world-class heart support device to help patients with advanced heart failure, either through acute care short term or bridge-to-transplant and destination therapy long-term. First, a strong conviction that PMD is developing a real solution to a true medical need.

Second, an attractive market that presents substantial exit opportunities.

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And third, a solid, passionate, and focused founding team. We saw that they were a group of ambitious, dedicated and passionate founders, and that made us want to work with them.

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After our first meeting, it became clear to me that current treatments are causing a variety of problems to critically-ill patients suffering from strong heart failure. Data shows that the number of patients with strong heart failure is increasing year after year. The already insufficient number of hearts available for donation continues to decrease; this shortage has tightened eligibility conditions to get access to transplant lists and patients are facing a longer waiting time.

When this happens, the need for heart support as a destination therapy will grow.


PMD can help bridge this gap and radically improve an important unsolved health issue. Both possess great deficiencies such as poor biocompatibility, difficult and risky surgeries, poor blood-sealing and the need for repetitive replacements. Acute Care therapy short term solution. Acute Care devices are used on patients for percutaneous coronary intervention or cardiogenic shock.

In other words, this short term solution is used on patients who have suffered a heart attack in order to help them in their recovery. They can be placed either percutaneously or inserted via a catheterization procedure through the femoral artery. This map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in the space.

Click on the image below to enlarge. Want more data on medical device startups? Track all the medical device startups in this brief and many more on our platform Startups are working on connected devices, next-gen prosthetics, and robotics aimed at the medical field. Track medical device startups. Boreal Genomics. Exact Imaging. Intellijoint Surgical. Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

Atlas Genetics.

Quanta Fluid Solutions. Retina Implant. Breath Therapeutics. Invendo Medical. General Medical Merate. Movendo Technology. Open configuration options. Vantage News. Data Insights. February 25, Services and strategies Danaher is also in the throes of major change. Related Companies Danaher.

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Behind the deal: Puzzle Medical Devices

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