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Exploiting the NS Group Ticket. €7 day return to anywhere within NL!

https://apratising.ml Enter the voucher code for the ticket that you purchased. your coupon code and receive a discount on an NS product is indicated in the e-mail you received. Where is the coupon code valid? You can enter the coupon code when buying an e-ticket online. Redeem your coupon code.

This ticket allows a group of between persons to travel to and from any destination in the Netherlands within the same day. Sounds like a pretty good deal…but it gets better! The beauty of this ticket is that no two persons have to start from the same station, there is no requirement to travel together on any of the legs, and you don't even have to know each other. So this opens a fantastic can of money-saving worms. Take a popular, medium length route. Amsterdam Centraal to Rotterdam Centraal. Now take one of the most popular long-distance train routes in the country.

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I work nearly km away from Amsterdam, and since I know there'll be plenty of people from my office heading that way on a Friday afternoon, I usually ask around for 9 others. More often than not I have more people than spaces! Nearly all depend on the railways. Since students are usually ahem!

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Thanks to Alvin for bringing up this point! You will need to pay by iDeal using your Dutch debit card, and then you will be emailed a unique coupon code, which you redeem online and print. Then it's a matter of asking people to provide in their full name, date of birth and email addresses and somehow paying you back. So far I haven't had a single problem asking people to do so, but you should always exercise utmost caution if you are not familiar with the person with whom you're collaborating.

Here is the response NS gave when asked whether it is possible to reverse the order of usage, but conductors are still known to fine passengers incorrectly. Here is another tweet from me to re-affirm our rights. Finally, a very rough-and-literal translation, by a combination of me and Google, of the full terms and conditions. Bolding my own. The terms and conditions are also posted on their official website here.

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NS reserves the right to cancel the price increase? Hi Tim, does this mean that this group return ticket allows me to break my journey to destination? I mean if I buy group return ticket to Rotterdam from Groningen and I break my journey in Den Haag for hours before going to Rotterdam, is it allowed?

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NS rules for return ticket says: — If you are going to several towns in one day, you should purchase a ticket that indicates to which destination s you will be travelling. In practice so long as the break point is along a reasonable route to your destination then it should be ok. You might have a hard time convincing the conductor if your route is far out of the way though, e.

Groningen to Amsterdam and your ticket got inspected at Maastricht! Hi, need your opinion on something. You might want to print more than 1 copy of your ticket, because if the inspector sees more than 2 stamps he might like it! If you have a Groningen-Delft ticket, then you can start from Groningen and visit Den Haag and Rotterdam in the same day, properly. Hey Tim, is there any way to get such a ticket as a non dutchman? We want to visit amsterdam next week and wanted to use such a ticket, but we dont have a dutch account.

Can we also buy them offline at the trainstation or could you maybe help us? Best Regards and keep on blogging. Where will you be visiting Amsterdam from?

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Best thing to do is ask in the Facebook group mentioned in the article as most people have accounts there. Be quick because all tickets must be bought by today! Hey Tim, thanks for your instant response. We will be visiting Amsterdam from germany, first dutch station will be enschede. Why do you think we cant order in ? The page is still online and you can still order this ticket i think. I just asked the facebookgroup to join.

Can you tell me how that works?

Travelling by train but don't have an OV-chipkaart? Simple!

Can I trust in those guy? Best Regards and a happy new year. The original terms said tickets must be bought by 31st December although that has now changed. Just look for people travelling to the same place as as on the same date, or start a new message and people will leave comments asking to join. Someone with a Dutch account will have to buy the ticket and you can pay him back through bank transfer. Can I use this kind of ticket for 2 persons? But with the Group ticket it reduces to 50E. Is it possible to buy it for 2 if I dont want to search for other people etc? Yes you can. You can even buy 10 tickets and only redeem it for one person.

When you make the purchase you are emailed a voucher code which you redeem in the provided link. Hi Tim. Or do you think we should try and get as close to the border as possible, and take a train to Antwerp from there as to minimize costs… Thanks! So try to select one close to the border. Hey Tim, I really need your advice please. From our group, 8 people will be departed from Groningen and their destination will be in Amsterdam. The other two shall be departed from somewhere in NL and back to Groningen.

Which station can be mentioned as a destination? What would be the problem if we make Groningen as our destination? Or should that need to be Amsterdam?

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A few questions: What are the starting places of the two other people? Are they travelling to Amsterdam first, then to Groningen? What day of the week will you be travelling? What time of the day will you do your travels? The last two questions are relevant for trying to conjure up a reasonable story! Without knowing any further information, you could try playing around with a combination of Den Helder, Delfzijl, Middelburg?

Dear Tim, We are coming to Amsterdam on May 11th. I heard that there is a NS one day ticket sold by Blokker at Euro Can we buy it when we are there? Thanks cheers Phoebe. Hello Phoebe, if you are going to visit more than places in one day, then it may be worth it. Do you live in NL already or do you know anyone there? If so you can buy your ticket in a Blokker store.

If that fails, email me in private, info pointstobemade. Whether you can use it as a day return depends on the time of day you are travelling, and whether the leg you are taking is feasible. Whereas I frequently buy the same ticket, but only use it one way at 8pm. Such a circumstance is easily plausible. How to buy this tickets without dutch bank account? Can i also pay with paypal, credit Card or belgian Bank? Then ask if they can accept Paypal. I would like to find out whether we are able to buy the group return ticket for Hengelo to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Hengelo.

Should I select Hengelo and is that allowed? Hey first of all, great article! I just have some questions about this system. The e-ticket is personalised. As a result, it is only valid in combination with valid proof of identity passport, ID card or driver's license. It is also important that the name on your e-ticket corresponds with the information on your ID. When ordering an e-ticket for someone else, fill in their details instead of your own. You can pay safely and securely with iDEAL.

After finalising your order, you can download and print your e-tickets within 15 minutes. Immediately after payment, you can proceed to your personal page, and you will also receive a confirmation email from us.

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This email includes a link which you can use to access your e-tickets whenever you need them. NS e-tickets are personal. As a result, they are only valid in combination with a valid proof of identity. Do not forget to bring your passport or ID card when travelling. You do not need to check in with your e-ticket, but increasing numbers of stations are fitted with closed gates. You can open the gates using the square barcode on your e-ticket. Make sure that you choose a gate with a barcode reader. These feature an image with 'scan ticket' on the right hand door of the gate, and an illuminated surface on the right hand side of the gate.

Step 1: Go to a gate with the 'scan ticket' symbol. Step 2: Hold the barcode against the illuminated surface on the right hand side. Step 3: The gate will open and you can enter or leave the station. As of 1 June, we have started a trial in which Single and Return tickets are available as mobile tickets. This app is available for smartphones with Android 4.

Want to know more? Will you be travelling on an Intercity or ICE for which a supplement is required? Then you must purchase this supplement from a machine or at the service desk. You can also quickly and easily buy supplements from the Supplement column on the departure platform. More information about refunds for delays.

All products are subject to terms and conditions. You do not have to check in with your e-ticket. You can still change the details any time until you have completed your order. Once you have completed your order though, you cannot change them any more. As proof of identity, NS accepts your: passport; driver's licence; Community or European ID card; marriage certificate; Pas; extract from register of births.

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The only difference is the number of stations at which they call the Veloce is faster because it stops less. Then ask if they can accept Paypal. The unfriendly part is that tourists are unaware that their ticket out of the machine at Schiphol could be cheaper. At all. For online purchases there is a maximum of 10 tickets per client with payment possible by iDeal Dutch bank transfer , Visa and Mastercard. We are four people planning to go to Maastricht from The Hague and return on the same day. You have until December to buy the voucher, but until February to activate it.

These ID requirements apply to anyone aged 14 and over. It may be the security settings on your computer are too high. You have now reduced the security level on your computer temporarily. On the Confirm order screen for your e-ticket, you will also see the link to your e-ticket. You can download your e-ticket directly via this link and print it. You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail, with a link to your e-ticket.

This e-mail is for your own records. It may be that your e-mail software thinks this e-mail confirmation is spam or unwanted mail. You may also have reached your mailbox capacity.