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Double Coupon Stores in Florida

In general, Publix only accepts one manufacturer coupon per item. Read here for more details concerning coupon stacking. So that all Publix customers can benefit from our coupons, we reserve the right to limit purchase quantities. Our stores adhere to the following guidelines.

Thanks Dawn! Deland, FL — S.

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Woodland Blvd. Deland, FL — E. International Speedway Blvd. Winn Dixie, Target. Fort Lauderdale, FL — E.

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  • Publix eliminating double coupons and doing away with weekly Penny Item!
  • Double Coupon Grocery Stores in Florida.

University Winn Dixie. Thanks Kathryn! Awaiting info. Hialeah, FL — E. Winn Dixie, Save-A-Lot. Florida Ave. Thanks Wendy! Fresh Market, Winn Dixie. Thanks Rhonda!

No more double coupons at Publix stores

International Dr. Winn Dixie. Plantation, FL — N. Pine Island Target, Winn Dixie. Plantation, FL — Cleary Blvd. Target, Winn Dixie, Whole Foods. Sunrise, FL — W. Oakland Park Winn Dixie, Target. Commercial Blvd. Thanks Maria!

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Thannks Marlene! Tequesta, FL — N. US1 Target, Winn Dixie. Venice, FL — S. Update: On November 28th, , Publix announced it would also be ending double coupons in Georgia, most of Alabama and parts of Tennessee as well — click here for the story. Responding to rumors on social media, Publix finally confirmed just before Christmas that it will no longer double coupons in South Carolina and parts of neighboring Georgia, effective in the new year. This decision will allow Publix to offer better prices and programs, while continuing to offer quality products, a clean shopping environment and exceptional customer service.

But what do policies in Charlotte have to do with stores that are up to miles away?

Why take away a perk that Palmetto State Publix shoppers have been enjoying for years — and that many local competitors still offer? And is this move a troubling sign of things to come for other Publix stores across the South? Publix opened its first North Carolina location in early , inaugurating a new Charlotte Division and announcing that it would not be offering double coupons there.

And then something had to give. Would newly-opened stores in the new division do without double coupons, while existing stores had their coupon policies grandfathered in? Affected are nearly five dozen Publix stores in cities like Augusta, Charleston, Columbia and Greenville. The whole situation illustrates the tricky calculus of whether to offer double coupons at all.

Publix putting the kibosh on saving money?

So Publix eventually did, too. Makes sense.

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  • Florida Savings- Publix, Winn Dixie, Whole Foods.
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  • No more double coupons at Publix stores;
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And Kroger did away with double coupons in its Atlanta Division two years ago. Curious indeed. Easy for her to say, you might think, since her local Publix still doubles coupons. Not so for Jenny, who runs the South Carolina-based blog Southern Savers , whose reaction was not quite as muted.

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