Extreme couponing sickness

Is Couponing a Waste of Your Time and Money?

taylor.evolt.org/cipeh-online-dating-de.php That is where you find that they have had to buy an extra refrigerator and an additional freezer to keep their groceries edible.

Why I Stopped Extreme Couponing

This way I can slowly build a small stockpile, without wasting away my life. People learn how to stretch their money further helping improve their quality of life. I want to save when I go to the grocery store, but I also realize that other people have to buy food as well. I agree with Marina. I would love to make one of those huge shops and give it to charity though.

That is around a thousand dollars spent to support a frugal grocery habit. Next, when you watch the show, you see that these poor souls have dozens of containers of ketchup and other items. One lady had cases of yogurt in her freezer. That is 1, individual containers of yogurt. How many years will it take to eat that much? How many hot dogs or sandwiches will you have to eat in order to go through 30 bottles of ketchup? Also, how much space does your family have to give up to support the couponing habit?

Most of the people featured on the show have given up entire rooms in their homes to store food. Sounds just like the junk that hoarders accumulate to me. There is a compromise option that should please a moderate couponer and a frugalite: create a meal plan and grocery budget then use coupons for items that are on your shopping list. Viola, you save money on the things that you will use. A frugalite only buys five of an item if it less expensive than buying the generic brand, it will fit into their grocery budget, and fits into their meal plans over the very short term.

In my house macaroni and cheese is a frequent side dish. I hate the stuff, but I have five children who have an opposing view. We will consume five boxes in two weeks, so the larger amount makes sense. The key element to a truly frugal, sensible grocery trip is the list. If you plan for 14 meals and occasional snacks each week, you should be able to stick to a reasonable budget. Canada U. US News. World News. Social Justice.

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Latino Voices. Asian Voices. HuffPost Personal. Special Projects. Impact: Project Zero. Impact: This New World. There is a difference between using coupons reasonably and the extreme version — behaving as if it is a job. You are not earning a paycheck — you can save money but not enough to make it the equivalent of a job. I am not allowing any employer to pay me in tubes of toothpaste in my non-so-favortie brand! As you point out, there are no employee benefits of couponing — not just the insurance or sick days, et.

And, at most people at their part-time jobs, have never had to enlist the help of husband, kids, and friends to accomplish their goals. There is no comparison really — extreme couponers are fooling themselves with their acquiring and stockpiling. Things grow stale and must be consumed rapidly or thrown out. After my 50th sandwich even if over two years!

You and your readers have hit most salient points. The extreme couponers on the TLC show behave like addicts. They are getting a thrill, an adrenaline rush from the experience. Most of the coupons are for packaged items.

Coupon Kid Saves $984 Thanks To "Dumpster Diving" Technique - Extreme Couponing

Fresh potatoes are cheap! And they have actual FOOD value.

Extreme Couponing: Frugality To The Max Or Mental Health Issue – lariwagije.tk

Instant potatoes are awful tasting, foul-textured chemicalized version of a cheap, easy-to-cook, always available vegetable! The junk that is being stockpiled — pudding and snack bars and chips for people — is of poor nutritonal value. Yes, there are some meat and produce coupons, but in extreme couponing, no one is buying lots of these items! One woman attempts to justify the 56 containers of yogurt she is buying, saying her family of 6 goes through 20 a week.

Buying whole fruits and vegetables and cheaper lean proteins, and cooking simple lovely meals, is no more expensive than the actual outlays these people make every month, and times nutiritionally better, and a much better use of time. We see people buying 50 bottles of Maalox because it is very cheap or free.

Buying in Bulk and Couponing: Why Having a Stockpile is For Everyone

They are not using those bottles, and if they are, they should see a doctor! The time cost, as many point out, makes it no different from a part-time job. And what a dull job it is — and they have to recruit family members and friends to do their work!!!! And there is a cost for printers, ink, internet access, acquiring the coupon inserts, etc.

If you are using coupons to do this, your family is being deprived of their wants, needs, spontaneity, flexibility, etc. The extreme couponers demonstrate all the habits of someone on the OCD spectrum.

They are NOT focused on their families — they are focused on couponing. It actually inculcates the value of greed in their children, not habits of true thrift. Ideally Mommy should spend her time playing softball with her kids and taking them to library, and teaching them to cook or garden, and doing art and puzzles and games with them…a mommy who hoards toothpaste and mustard and shaving razors to the detriment of space in her house and time with her family is NOT a supermom or a hero — she is in an empty OCD cycle, and she is dragging her whole family along with her same for daddies who do this!

Get a job, you say. Ever heard of the resession? Especially with kids. Its cheaper to stay home. Get a job is what you people always say. Why, why is it so darn important to get a job if they can coupon and then not have to get a job. Why do you care. People can eat some junk. Thats another thing that has gone crazy. We can eat better without going over board. Also most of the extreme couponers say they do that once or twice a year not all the time.

I think its great to save money with coupons if you want and wish people would stop complaining all the time. Some people do it for fun.

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And if you can get tons of shit for free, why not? The stores and manufacturers that put out coupons are just that; stores and manufacturers. One person will not bankrupt a corporation. When enough people start doing it that a large corporation takes a hit one quarter, then they will rethink their methods. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

We respect your privacy. Your personal information will not be sold or shared. In favor of extreme couponing. Against extreme couponing. Related Posts. I think you nailed this one G. Those are some great reasons to not like extreme couponing! Sophisticated Saver. Harri Miss Moneypenniless. Mr Jolly. Justin MoneyIsTheRoot. Frugal Living. Ron Ablang. It is nice to save a dollar here and there though. Ridiculously wasteful.

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A good thing gone bad is the perfect way to sum it up. Well put. However, to me, you came off as judgemental I know some like to spell that judgmental, i digress … I completely agree with one narrow point, since coupon collection is not a creative pursuit i. This one guy bought supplies for a care packages using coupons… I did despise the hoarding of things at his house, but extreme couponing is a way to give more than his means permitted him. I hope I have clarified my position.

E Miller, I enjoyed your article and unlike others, I value counterarguments on a topic I either engage or approve of. Thanks for the great comment, Danielle! I hope you stick around. The time spent decreases as one becomes trained, like anything new commitment produces results.