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Hotel Hotel Simonstone Hall, Hawes. Consider this familiar balance sheet. In one column A is the commodified value of sea turtles as resource: eggs, meat, shell, oil. In the next, B is the value of sea turtles as eco-tourist attractions: hotel rooms, park fees, guides, meals, travel. If the number at the bottom of column B exceeds the value of column A, sea turtles get to live in theory, at least.

Those benefits include dune stabilization, sea grass maintenance and even climate regulation, as provided by the trophic cascades, at the top of which are often found sea turtles and other predators. Fortunately, the conversation around valuing nature is expanding quickly to include the cognitive, emotional, psychological and social benefits that we know are real drivers of the human nature relationship.

When neuropsychologists and conservation biologists team up, the results can be revolutionary. Consider a few of the real but rarely described benefits of working with sea turtles. New research suggests that the feeling of awe is good for our health, boosts empathy and compassion, and helps connect us to the people and places around us. Feelings of awe are some of the most cherished and transformative experiences in human life and are generated by art, music, architecture, but most often nature. Scientists have made evolutionary arguments for the universality of awe and how it has likely evolved.

Other studies find that awe may enhance our memory of events, play an important role in morality, make people less self-focused and more prosocial, lead to enhanced generosity, increase virtuous behavior, reduce feelings of entitlement and increase helping. Current studies show that feelings associated with awe can reduce cytokines proteins important for cell signaling , chemicals associated with disease and even inflammation. Yet, some people live wonder-free lives. For those who work with sea turtles, awe can be a daily experience. When we share our work, we make the world better.

More sea turtle lovers equal more ocean advocates — a virtuous, positive feedback loop. Our lives are becoming more and more connected, and time spent truly alone with ourselves and our own thoughts is sadly minimized. A recent study in Science demonstrates how uncomfortable solitude feels to college students: two-thirds of men pressed a button to deliver a painful jolt after a mere minute period of solitude. One man — considered an outlier — found quiet thinking to be so disagreeable that he opted for a shock times. In these modern times, our written and spoken words, as well as our physical movements, are almost constantly monitored by strangers, government agencies and marketers.

And this loss of solitude and privacy adds to the stress of life. Being near, in, on or under water can be a refuge or escape, and that relationship can have the same positive benefits mentioned earlier for awe and wonder. A beach or a bay can provide a rare retreat from technology.

And those are the settings in which work frequently places us fortunate souls who are turtle professionals. Artists and engineers, musicians and entrepreneurs, writers and scientists rely heavily on their ability to generate creativity — combine old ideas and pieces to make new ones — to think of things that have never been thought of. Free from walls and over- stimulation of modern, urban existence, our brains work differently. Humans have depicted their appreciation for the ocean and sea turtles through art for millennia.

As a conservation or research professional, student, seasonal volunteer or wayfaring traveler, being with sea turtles in nature changes us. We become better versions of ourselves. These are big ideas that are tricky to assign numbers to, but important to put into words, with ever-increasing clarity and rigor.

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Quite literally — as well as poetically — being with sea turtles is good medicine. May 11, by Parisleaf. Revenue generated by the sea turtle tag stretches a long way. Many other states have similar license plates that also help raise money for sea turtles or local wildlife. Check out our list below! Many states have some sort of wildlife conservation specialty license plate, and this is not a comprehensive list. You can also purchase a sea turtle frame for your standard license plate from Blue Marlin License Frames. Ten percent of each purchase is donated to STC! April 21, by Parisleaf.

However, over the past 7 weeks of the Florida Legislative Session, Amendment 1 has run into resistance from leaders in both the House and Senate. The Florida Legislature should trust that the voters knew exactly what they were approving with Amendment 1. Now is the time to renew our pleas for increased spending from Amendment 1 for parks and wildlife habitat. Click here to find their contact information.

We have about 10 days left to let our elected leaders know that they must fully fund Florida Forever! It only takes a few minutes to make the call or email. Every call is a reminder to our legislators that they are accountable to the voters. We know how invested you are in seeing more money go toward protecting our environment and conserving the natural treasures we hold dear. That is the purpose of Amendment 1. April 16, by Parisleaf.

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Reduce the amount of garbage you produce by using reusable bags, water bottles, cups, coffee mugs, plates, bowls, silverware, etc. An easy way to help protect sea turtles and our environment is to get into the habit of recycling and buying products that allow you to avoid trashing plastic all together. More than million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean, and an easy way to decrease that number is to reuse and recycle.

We especially love the Eco-friendly products by Wild Mint. Visit www. Become a Turtle Guardian! Turtle Guardians are a special group of STC Members that help protect sea turtles by giving sustainable monthly donations. Take this handy bag with you anywhere and ditch the plastic. Helium-filled balloons are frequently released into the sky to celebrate events. Like plastic trash, helium balloons end up in the ocean, especially when released near the coast.

Sea turtles mistakenly eat the balloons and die. If you know of a group planning a balloon release, politely ask them to consider another attention-getter. Use reusable bags when shopping. The bag itself is made out of a re-purposed boat sail. How cool is that?!

Get outdoors! Participate in a beach clean-up: Another great way to get outdoors and help the environment is to participate in a beach, park, river or neighborhood clean-up! Help sea turtles every time you drive.

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Every night is a good night to feast on Eltoro Restaurant's Mexican classics in Alachua. Large groups will appreciate Eltoro Restaurant for its ability to seat them . Welcome to El Toro Mexican Restaurant. We are a family style restaurant with the best tasting Mexican food in the Alachua and Gainesville area. We strive to.

Click here to see what projects were funded this year. Donate your old phones to SecondWave Recycling! SecondWave focuses solely on recycling cell phones. The materials that go into a cell phone have more than just one life and can be used for new technology. Green your garden!

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Use compost and mulch to prevent the growth of weeds and preserve moisture, keeping your water usage low. Switch to biodegradable lawn and garden products and find facilities that properly dispose of toxicchemicals. Spread the word in creative ways! Love sea turtles and care about the environment? Show it on your shirt! No special codes required. Every word on this shirt describes either the loggerhead sea turtle or our mission to help save these creatures.

A walking conversation piece! Purchase this shirt or any shirt you like! There are so many easy, daily ways everyone can help sea turtles and the environment that might have been a surprise to you and will probably be a surprise to others. Make sure to share this information with your friends! How will you celebrate Earth Day?

Tell us on our Facebook page for a chance to win a special Earth Day prize! Tags: Earth Day.

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Even this kind of debris poses a threat if a wildfire is nearby. Look deep into the heart and background of a weather-loving meteorologist who currently works as the Director of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network. HayzDesigns yahoo. In the seven days because different early hours of the morning on crews had to come out and get Sept. All right, reserved No portion of the Abator may be reproduced in any means wffhoui the of Tn Communications Inc. Secure garbage in shelters or cans with locking lids and feed pets indoors to avoid attracting wild animals to your home. These individually controlled motors allow the blocks to remain flat or be raised to a height of millimeters as a way of replicating varying terrain.

April 2, by Parisleaf. Each year, the Sea Turtle Grants Program distributes money to coastal county governments, educational institutions and nonprofit groups through a competitive application process. The sea turtle plate is the number two overall selling specialty tag in Florida, and the number one environmental specialty plate. By purchasing the sea turtle specialty license plate, Floridians are voluntarily funding important programs to save endangered sea turtles and their habitats.

March 18, by Parisleaf.

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Second-grade students from Muller Elementary Magnet School learning about sea turtles and the various threats they face. Also, each of the three classes that participated in the lessons adopted a turtle during the Tour de Turtles marathon and regularly checked its progress. With the students already curious, it made perfect sense to create a community service project to benefit sea turtles. Before the read-a-thon, which took place in January , students asked friends and family to sponsor their reading efforts. Sponsors gave donations to the student based on how many books he or she read, and the proceeds were donated directly to STC.

During the two-week event, the 52 students who participated read a combined books, and one student in particular read an impressive 24 books! Grady said the read-a-thon experience was rewarding for both students and teachers, and she would certainly host another project such as this in the future. Dress is typically casual at Restaurant Tora, so leave the fancy duds behind for the evening. Welcome to El Toro Mexican Restaurant.

We are a family style restaurant with the best tasting Mexican food in Cape Coral Florida. We strive to make you feel at home. Our food is prepared fresh, to order. Come dine with us, stay a while and get to know our friendly staff. We want you to enjoy your meal and your service at El Toro! Welcome to El Toro! Who would have guessed it, great sushi in a strip mall in Gahanna. A list of the best restaurants in — Page 1. Enjoy your favorite cuts of grilled meat and Appetizer Island. Lots of vegetarian options. This has become my favorite local spot for Chinese food sort of local, I live over in Sherman, it's worth the drive!

Without a doubt, a table surrounded by good friends, convivial vibes and a spread of soulful food makes for a great gathering. Bella Tori Restaurant's white, Victorian mansion sprawls atop a rolling lawn, its shingles and surrounding oaks gleaming in the sunlight. Past the covered porch, the entranceway opens to tiled floors and Doric columns holding a balcony reached by a carpeted staircase with wrought-iron banisters. Then to the dining rooms, where gold-draped windows surround white and red tablecloths, and Centerville S. Chef Gray Brooks spent 15 years cooking in Seattle before he decided to come back to Durham to open a restaurant across the street from where his grandfather once owned his restaurant.

The result is Pizzeria Toro, which serves wood-fired pizza, seasonal antipasti, …. A glass enclosed keg room with 16 different draft beers; a three story glowing tequila tower surrounded by 80 varieties of tequila; and a wall of hand painted sugar skulls from Mexico all are some of the key design elements found at Torre. Miami dining reaches new heights at Toro Toro. Modeled after the Dubai Toro Toro, chef and owner Richard Sandoval's unique culinary spin on South and Central American ingredients are carefully crafted into tantalizing small-plate dishes to share.

The company is now a leading international restaurant group …. Here at Toro Sushi, Master Chef Tony Chen uses his over twelve years experience to prepare only the finest Japanese cuisines in the state. With fresh fish, hand picked daily and a very relaxing environment, your dining experience at Toro will be a pleasurable one. Get the latest Tora Foods coupons, promo codes and deals. Shopping at torafoods. Visit CouponBirds to seek for a proper Tora Foods coupon and help you save.