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20 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts on Sale Now

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As an expecting mother or new mom, you just need to complete their simple form, and they take it from there: they contact the doctor, insurance company, and of course, you, to get you the best pump at no cost to you! Qualify for a free breast pump through insurance here. If you qualify for WIC resources Women Infants and Children , you may also be able to receive a free breast pump from them as well.

Free Breastfeeding Supplies

Playgro Scoop and Splash Bath Set. Keep it up. Shop Your World Store. Uncommon Goods uncommongoods. What do you get a new mom for Mother's Day? Although breaking the cycle of overeating can be challenging, there are ways to kick this unhealthy habit for good.

Pretty much every hospital I have ever delivered a baby at is super happy to send you home with a free manual hand breast pump , so you should at least be able to get that as a free breastfeeding supply directly from the hospital. Many hospitals also supplied me with extra tubes, bottles, and other pumping parts. Simply request the brand of your breast pump at home, and what supplies you need before you leave the hospital from your lactation consultant.

I love having a nursing pillow prop up those newborns and infant while breastfeeding! It saves your back and supports your baby better. While you receive many free breast pads as you collect breastfeeding samples listed later in this post I am a fan of limiting waste and saving money by using reusable breast pads. I had an Uddercover nursing cover with my twins and I loved the pretty design and how easy it was to use and wear! Unfortunately, I lost it. I totally wish I had milk band nursing bracelets with my twins!

But, even with my single babies and dealing with breastfeeding sleep deprivation , these milk bands would be super helpful. A milk band helps you record single feeding sessions to the nearest 5-minute increment and allow you to record multiple feeding sessions over a full day period and what time you last nursed your baby and on which side and without having to switch wrists. There are many places happy to hand out free breastfeeding samples, things like Lansinoh lanolin ointment, breastmilk storage bags, disposable breast pads, and even things like lactation cookies.

I did a Noobie Box review sharing everything I received in this free baby box. Many of the items were breastfeeding samples — breast pads, milk storage bags, a lactation cookie, and a Mam bottle and pacifier, among other baby supplies. I also received and did a Walmart Baby Box review on my site, reviewing the three different boxes they have available — prenatal, newborn, and toddler. They send out new boxes about once a quarter.

Of the three boxes I received, not one actually contained any breastfeeding samples. That said, the items they put in their boxes changes, so you might receive other products or samples that are breastfeeding related when you order a box. They did send bottles and pacifiers though!

Himalaya Babycare Gift Pack

Sign up to receive your Free Walmart Baby Box here. For years in Finland new moms received a gift from the government that contained baby clothes, free diapers , bathing products and a small box with mattress insert so that every baby would have the basic essentials. This is initiative helped drastically lower their infant mortality rate to one of the lowest in the world! Now in America and other countries , you can receive this same type of gift thanks to Baby Box University.

I also received a free baby box from The Baby Box Co.

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I signed up for EverydayFamily. They also send you offers and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more. Be sure to sign up for EverydayFamily. Another great way to get free breastfeeding samples and cheaper costs on items you need is by signing up for baby registries!

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Check out my post on the 5 Best Baby Registry Stores and Sites and be sure to sign up for one or more of them so you can save and get free stuff too. But, for reference, my sister recently received free Target Baby registry benefits including a bunch of free samples click that link to see everything she received in summer