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watch All California employers must report all their new or rehired employees who work in California to the New Employee Registry within 20 days of their start-of-work date. The start-of-work date is the first day services were performed for wages.

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Employers who file electronically must submit two files each month. For more information on how to report new employees, visit New Hire Reporting. Any business or government entity that is required to file a federal Form MISC for services received from an independent contractor is required to report specific information to the EDD.

This information will be used to locate parents who are delinquent in their child support obligations.

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You are required to report information to the EDD within 20 days if you hire an independent contractor and all of the following statements apply:. You are not required to report independent contractors that are corporations, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies. For more information on how to report independent contractors, visit Independent Contractor Reporting.

All employers are required to electronically submit employment tax returns, wage reports, and payroll tax deposits to the Employment Development Department. You can use e-Services for Business to comply with the e-file and e-pay mandate. For more information on the mandate, visit E-file and E-pay Mandate for Employers. The DE 9 reconciles reported wages and paid taxes for each quarter. The DE 9C reports individual employee wages for each quarter.

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This can change periodically based on your spend, payback and utilization patterns. Coupon Book. Redeem them now or collect them for something big later - it's a choice available to you with your Turbo Points that never expire. TestMaker makes it easy to build tests that measure knowledge of industry- or company-specific content, and supports a variety of questions formats. Some forms and publications are translated by the department in other languages. This shows which areas you are strong in and which you are weaker in.

If you are a household employer, visit our Household Employers page for additional information. You can use e-Services for Business to file, pay, and manage your employer payroll tax account online. Entering the incorrect format may cause delays, penalties, interest, and misapplication of funds.

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Timeliness for electronic forms is determined by the date they are completed and transmitted, for paper forms the postmark date is used. When the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday , the next business day is considered to be the last timely date. If you paid no wages during a quarter, you are still considered an employer and required by law to file the DE 9 and the DE 9C. We will send you a letter confirming that your account has been inactivated.

These payments must be electronically submitted under the e-file and e-pay mandate. Please include your employer payroll tax account number on your check or money order. The Next-Day rule requires deposits to be made by the next business day. Business days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays. Under the proposal, we would no longer assign "high" equity content to a hybrid capital instrument issued by a corporate issuer that has: -- A stated or effective maturity; -- Any step-up coupon feature or equivalent financial incentive to redeem; or -- Except as described below, any type of call option within 10 years of the issue date.

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We would, however, consider options to call or redeem an instrument within the first 10 years as compatible with "high" equity content classification if the call options are triggered by external events such as tax, legal, regulatory, or accounting changes, and only to the extent that we would view those events as unlikely to occur.

The proposed criteria apply to hybrid capital instruments issued by corporate entities except leveraged buyout companies and North American insurance holding companies.

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They would not apply to: -- A mandatory convertible security that meets the criteria for high equity content described in the section "'High' Equity Content Due To Mandatory Convertibility" of "Hybrid Capital Handbook: September Edition", published on Sept. Please send your comments to CriteriaComments standardandpoors.

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