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Cheapest Mercedes E-Class Coupe in U.K. costs £40,135

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New Mercedes E-Class Deals

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Deep linking i. To find out more please contact us by email: simon [at] broadspeed. Your details are never shared with or sold to any third party eg a dealership without your expressed instruction to do so. Has the new E-Class come prepared? Not only does it change what we expect from a Mercedes E-Class, but also changes our expectations from the segment. Yes, the E-Class could do with a bit more equipment for a greater sense of luxury, but the overall smoothness, quietness and quality of the cabin make the experience properly luxurious.

The only limitation of this big luxury sedan is that it feels its size when you try to drive in a sporty manner. Nonetheless, it is controlled and confident at high speeds too. While prices aren't available now, for the chauffeur-driven the new E-Class is now the default pick in the segment. The E-Class is absolutely attention-grabbing and a lot of that is because of its size! For the very first time we are getting the stretched version of the E-Class in India.

The most expensive version available at launch will set you back £50,775.

New Mercedes E Class - find our best deals, cheapest prices and offers from UK main dealers. Low cost Mercedes PCP finance available. Find the best local prices for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class with guaranteed savings. You can also see what others paid to make sure you don't overpay - from.

This Mercedes is 18cm longer than the previous E-class and its wheelbase, an indicator of the space inside the cabin, is even greater than the standard wheelbase version of the S-Class! The large swept-back headlamps with flowing rods that act as LED daytime running lights and LED headlights strengthens the connection. The prominent grille and the deep bowtie airdams on the bumper make the E-Class look a bit aggressive.

To give sufficient headroom to the rear passengers the roof stays high, and then rolls down abruptly to meet the boot. The C-pillar also has a quarter glass there to provide a greater sense of space on the inside. The stubby boot and tail lamps remind you of the C-Class, but the E-Class has its own highlights such as the beautiful glitter-like reflectors in the tail lamps.

Once you step inside, the design for the dashboard, the incredible amount of space, the beautiful cushioning for the seats and the quality of materials make you wonder whether you are in the E-Class or the S-Class! The seats are beautifully cushioned and shaped, and motorised functions include an extendable seat base and memory functions too.

The highlight, though, is the backseat. The rear bench is split into two reclinable seats. The electric adjust allows you to alter the headrest and at the click of a button you can control the front passenger seat too. With the front seat pushed away even 6 footers will be able to lounge comfortably. The seats also hold you well and have just the right kind of cushioning to keep you comfortable no matter how far you have to travel. However, there are a few aspects that the E-Class could do better.

The use of Artico leather instead of genuine leather will bother some customers, as will the lack of soft door close functionality and infotainment controls at the rear. The E-Class is offered with a panoramic sunroof as standard, with power controls for the sunshade as well. The Chauffeur Package, which allows you to adjust the front passenger seat, is standard too. You get motorised sunblinds for both rear windows and the rear windscreen.

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The small metal knobs twist with a solid feel as you close the airflow from the air-vents, the click from the roller that controls audio volume, and the rear armrest that folds out gently give you an idea of the quality and craftsmanship involved in making this car. The E-Class is also very good at cutting out the noise from outside and along with a smooth and quiet engine you feel almost as though you are sitting on some remote and lonely hillside. While the central display is the same While the infotainment system offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, the lack of a touchscreen reduces the ease of use.

You can control the MB infotainment system through the scroll wheel, the touchpad on which you can pinch and zoom , or swipe and flick your fingers using the touch pads on the steering wheel. The Burmester sound system offered on the diesel provides clear and crisp audio.

Mercedes-Benz E Class Lease Deals

The E-Class also offers drive modes to change how the car drives. The fifth mode, Individual, allows the driver to customise the settings for these parameters as per his preference. To make parking this long sedan easier, it is offered with Active Parking Assist for semi-automated parking.

Best New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet deals & finance offers

Also, the Mirror package includes outside rear-view mirrors that tilt down while reversing to give you a better of the surroundings closer to you. Mercedes are offering the E-Class with two familiar engines: the four-cylinder two-litre petrol and the six-cylinder three-litre diesel, and both engines come coupled with 9-speed gearboxes that send power to the rear wheels.

We tested the diesel, and although it is an engine we are familiar with, it felt quite surprising. Firstly, the engine felt incredibly smooth and quiet, perfect for a car like this. Just as surprising was the performance, with Nm of torque available from rpm and a quick shifting gearbox, the E-Class rockets ahead anytime you push the throttle with urgency. Past rpm it pulls stronger still right up to the rpm mark. Mercedes claims a kmph time of 6.

It will cruise at kph in 9th gear with the engine just humming at rpm or tiptoe around the city without a fuss. The E d is offered with air-suspension for all four wheels and this multi-chamber system delivers quite an impressive experience. At low speeds, bumps and potholes seem to just vanish when in Comfort mode. But, drive just a bit faster and there is a notable amount of up-and-down movement which feels troublesome. In Sport mode the suspension firms up such that there is less body movement without compromising comfort distinctly, and as such would be the ideal mode to cover long distances in.

As you dial up the modes the steering weighs up and the gearbox becomes more eager. For poor road conditions, the air-suspension equipped diesel also has a Lift mode to increase ground clearance by 15mm. The E-Class passes the Euro-Ncap test with five stars, but Mercedes claim it surpasses the standard by a significant margin. The use of aluminium and high strength steel help create a light yet rigid body and the India spec E-Class comes with seven-airbags. The petrol and diesel guises of the E-Class will be offered in just one trim.

Key Specs of Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Aesthetic differences include: different design for the alloy wheels on the outside; on the inside the petrol gets horizontal quilting for the seats instead of vertical; and the carpets are only offered in black. The wood finish on the petrol is brown, rather than black.

Some features that customers opting for the E will have to give a miss include the 13 speaker Burmester Surround Sound music system, memory seats for the front passenger, and the degree camera.

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