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SIM-only deals can be a great choice if you're satisfied with your current phone and don't want to upgrade, plus they're cheaper than contract options.

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This can save you and your business money, as the SIM-only deals are a lot cheaper than contracts where you're also paying for a smartphone. Compare business mobile phone deals from UK networks EE, O2, best business SIM-only deals as well as the best business broadband and.

Be wary that if you have a contract phone and pay off the handset, your provider will still continue to charge you for it , so it's important to take control and stop overpaying. Your SIM-only call plan will detail the monthly allowance of minutes, data and texts that are available to you as determined by the deal you signed up for.

These can be 12 month contracts or if you're the non-committal kind, a rolling one-month contract. Whether you have a contract phone or a SIM-only deal, you'll need to pass a credit check - only pay as you go doesn't require one.

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If you're rejected for a 12 month contract, it may be worth trying for a month rolling option, the checks don't tend to be as rigorous. They actually come in three alluring sizes - standard, micro and nano. You can't just go shoving a standard SIM in an iPhone 6, don't be so silly. Each type of phone will use a corresponding sized SIM - if you opt for a SIM-only contract you can choose to filter your results by the type of SIM your selected handset needs.

So make sure you get the right one for you.

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If you're switching to a SIM-only deal on your existing network provider, it should only take a phone call to get your new SIM up and running. As long as you've filled your contractual requirements, i.

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If you're switching to a SIM-only deal on a different network, you'll need to check whether you're able to switch, you can do this by contacting your provider. Be aware that they may try and schmooze you into staying with them by transferring you to their customer retentions department.

This could result in a better deal but if you're still not sold, stick to your guns and demand that your contract is ended. Keeping your phone number is a requirement for most people, luckily it's possible to port your phone number easily to your new SIM, as long as you've fulfilled your contractual agreements. For this you require your current network provider to give you your PAC code Port Authorisation Code - this will contain three letters and six numbers.

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Stay flexible with a rolling contract. Prices exclude VAT.

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Offers included. Only pay for it on the days you use it. Available for delivery by.

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