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I will not fly Jetstar — they always have a. Flights and if they do not reach a certain capacity — cancel the flight — leave you stranded — will try and fit you on next flight or offer a refund at a later date unless you stand at checkin and demand a credit. You can then be left to purchase a ticket with another airline at FULL price if you want a flight for that day. You got lucky with the crew. In my experience, they are almost always rude and unhelpful. Same goes for Qantas. My work requires me to fly business on international flights and I often booked J from Frankfurt to Moscow on Lufthansa.

It looked exactly like this. In J they block out the middle seat but thee is no pitch and no legroom for 2x the price. Otherwise I feel like I have a seat shoved in front of my face and its almost impossible for me to do anything on my iPad or laptop as I almost have my chin touching my chest. I upgraded my seat as well and payed for meals and IFE. Upgraded seat had good legroom but was uncomfortable.

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IFE was very sparse and honestly not worth it. And food was decent. Crew was OK, not as good as QF especially their international crews. A long haul flight in a B was completely worth it. The stewards are polite and the seats are decent. But kudos Lucky for trying out different airlines!! I like these different reviews than the usual gulf airlines.

There is always a massive danger in taking one flight on a carrier and assuming that is representative of all their operations. Lucky may not have experienced any irregular ops for his sole JQ flight, but plenty of accounts out there of woe, with JQ stranding or simply ignoring those caught up by JQ cancellations or re-routings.

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You are typically on your own. Lucky may have not experienced the wide variation in crew quality on JQ, given his sole JQ flight, so he may not understand crew range from OK to US carrier awful. Which is just scary awful. Lucky should have known though from his knowledge of QFF fees and charges, and the Jetstar website that Jetstar are never shy of slapping you with ridiculous charges. You do have to purchase the perks; however they are reasonable and do provide an excellent experience. I also noticed that the passengers do not crowd the boarding area as you would find at all American airports.

The boarding process was much more tame and less stressful. I would fly JetStar again over and over. Never heard of cabin-wide advertising from easyJet but Ryanair surely does. What is dislike more is advertising over the audio systems! Does Jet Star have any such practice? Flying in from Europe with small kids and adding all the costs for lugage and seats, I am happy I chose SQ for just a fraction of the cost more!

Wide body aircraft vs A for an over 5 hours flight! Where have you been.

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The motorbike-filled concrete jungle is adorned with important historical and religious sites, sprawling market stalls and exceptional offerings on authentic Vietnamese street food. There are a number of items that are restricted from cabin baggage such as scissors, knives, box cutters and other sharp bladed objects. Crew was OK, not as good as QF especially their international crews. What is the weather like in Melbourne? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

All the low cost carriers in asia have terrific crews and service: Tiger, AirAsia are arguably better than Jetstar. It has nothing to do with qantas. Nobody flies qantas except dumb foreign tourists. Also what kind of professional traveller needs enhanced legroom for a 3 hour flight. Sure we have our ultra cheap such as Spirit Air, but in the US low cost carriers actually offer better service than the legacy carriers.

We never took a low cost carrier before and therefore it was a big shock right from the beginning.

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First when the shuttle bus dropped us off, we had no idea where we were — no signs, no any indication. We had to carry our 2 big luggage, plus all the carry-ons and walked through a long road to get to the counter. The check-in counter looked like located in some kind of warehouse, then after the security, we had to walk a long distance probably minutes to arrive at the gate!

The flight attendants were polite but certainly not up to the Japanese standard, far from it. My son was thirsty and I asked for a cup of water and was told unless we were taking medicine, we need to purchase it. My eyes must have popped out at what she said, but then the flight attendant went back, checked our names and realized we were re-booked due to delay and ANA my guess had yen credit for each of us for in-flight purchase, so besides getting water, my son also got a chocolate snack.

Next year, we probably go back to taking JAL direct to Tokyo to avoid all these from happening again…. We had a really bad experience flying with Jetstar back from Japan to Hong Kong at the luggage counter. The customer service is poor — staff Mio is very cold and unpleasant and does not accommodate to any extraneous circumstances regarding connecting flights. To be honest, I have never encountered anybody as ridiculous and as cold as the attendant Mio at the check-in luggage counter. She insisted us to throw away all luggages that she has no right over our freedom.

Very overbearing and unyielding and caused us undue stress.

The supervisor is more courteous but still unflexible. Also, for budget airline like jetstar, we need to allow more time to commute to terminal 3 for all the budget Japanese airlines at Narita, compared to the other ones. Even the local cab drivers did not know about the subtleties related to terminal 3. Late last year, we flew to Darwin for a holiday. We flew from Sydney on a Virgin flight. Great service, a very light lunch, it was included in the ticket price and the seats were comfy and comfortable legroom.

Flight home on Jetstar, a totally different experience. I put the feeling of uncomfortable seats and cramped legroom down the 1. Nothing was included in the flight price, although the ticket price was only marginally cheaper than the daytime Virgin flight. Once home, I decided to check the seating configuration of the two carriers, for both.

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No wonder I felt cramped. Explained a lot.

I Flew Jetstar Economy — How Bad Was It?

This is the first time I try Jetstar and definitely my last. And they rip me off before I even finished booking. For the starter, they would not allow baggage package for one person only. So in order to pay the baggage I required, I had to make two separate bookings for me and my family. I ended up booking Virgin Australia instead which is surprisingly cheaper, with extra baggage somemore. So much about lowest price guarantee. But when I tried to change the date, I am required to pay eventhough the price is significantly lower. I called the call center to ask why.

As I am a frequent traveller I asked them to search the date for the same class, and I was told their computer could not do the search. In a sense, there is no other class or there is no class at all for an excuse. Not that she could help me anyway. Flights to Bangkok. Flights to Perth. Flights to Singapore. Flights to Tokyo. Flights to Gold Coast. Frequently asked questions How many airports are there in Melbourne?

What is the best price for a return flight from Hobart to Melbourne? This was found by aggregating across different carriers and is the cheapest price for the whole month. How long does it take to fly from Hobart to Melbourne? How many airlines fly direct from Hobart to Melbourne? There are 6 airlines who fly direct from Hobart to Melbourne. How many flights are there a week from Hobart to Melbourne?

There are flights per week flying from Hobart to Melbourne, as of August. Which airlines fly from Hobart to Melbourne? How easy is it to depart on flights from Hobart to Melbourne?

Jetstar Domestic

Main Terminal — all flights to Melbourne from Hobart will depart from this main terminal. Arrive at this Hobart Airport at least 1 hour before your flight to Melbourne is due to depart. What do I need before I fly from Hobart to Melbourne? Any type of machinery that is petrol powered may also be restricted. Ask your Flight Centre consultant for complete details if you plan on travelling with anything that may be deemed as dangerous or harmful. All materials of this nature must be declared to check-in staff at the airport. Jetstar has strict check-in cut-off times. Once check-in for a flight closes, late arriving passengers will be denied boarding and will be required to purchase another ticket for the next available flight.

See below the Jetstar graph showing check-in open and closing times.

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Failure to follow these times may result in the forfeiture of your ticket. Web check-in is available for many flights by logging on to the Jetstar website or mobile app. Simply enter the six digit reservation number and passport details and the boarding passes will be available for printing or can be sent electronically to a mobile device.

Passengers must arrive at the bag drop-off or check-in counters within the required time or risk forfeiting their ticket. These comfortable lounges are located in many Jetstar International destinations. Ask your Flight Centre consultant if a lounge is located at your planned destination. Business Class fares are also eligible for Qantas Frequent Flyer points. Jetstar - International. Jetstar Business Class. Jetstar's inflight service. Jetstar Electronic kiosks. Jetstar flight.

Jetstar's friendly service. Economy Passengers flying Jetstar Economy can tailor their flight experience by paying only for the extras they want. Business Class The separate Business Class cabin is fitted with extra wide armchair seats with a generous amount of leg room and personal space. Carry-on Baggage Business Class passengers are allowed two carry-on pieces, plus one personal item such as a handbag, small backpack or a coat. Sporting Equipment Jetstar accepts several types of sporting equipment, including surfboards and bicycles.

Musical Equipment Instruments that are within the size and weight limits for carry-on baggage may be taken in the cabin.