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Plans are made for porting Cinema 4D to the PC platform. New programmer team begins development of a completely new, operating-system-independent architecture. The first multi-processor version of Cinema 4D is made available. The development of a production-level version begins, integrating the latest technologies. The last version of Cinema 4D for Amiga, V4. Cinema 4D XL V6 is released. BodyPaint 3D is made available as an integrated version for Cinema 4D, and as a standalone version for other 3-D packages.

Cinema 4D ART is introduced. PyroCluster and Dynamics modules are introduced. Cinema 4D XL R7 is shipped worldwide. Cinema 4D R8 is released with a modular system. Cinema 4D R8. BodyPaint 3D R2 is introduced. Sketch and Toon module is introduced.


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Cinema 4D R9. MoGraph module is introduced.

Cinema 4D - 9 Lighting Tips

Cinema 4D becomes the first professional 3-D graphics application released as a Universal Binary for Apple's new Intel-powered Macs even before Apple Universal Binary versions of its own software are released. Service update R Cinema 4D R Cinema 4D R11 released. A new implementation of Global Illumination included in the Advanced Render module offers a higher quality than that of the old version, and much improved animation support. Non-Linear Animation has been completely reworked. Anti-Aliasing methods to choose from are Scanline, Ray-Tracing, and Hybrid which uses both to best optimize quality vs.

Also, manages post filtering and Multi-Pass Layers. Also, exports clones and XRefs to Motion and After Effects, as well as the ability to bring in solids for mapping video onto 3D surfaces. It can also export multiple cameras at once. QuickTime for Windows 64 bit now supported. File exchange for FBX Cinema 4D R12 released. Menu has been cleaned up.

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Many minor improvements like the Shaders and Materials. Linear workflow introduced with correct display in OGL. Double precision calculation introduced and true units.

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Support for IES lights and physically correct lighting. Cinema 4D R13 released. New Physical Render engine More photorealistic: Physical Camera with ISO, f-stop and shutter speed or angle, true depth of field, true motion blurring, lens distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration. New Stereoscopic Camera and Rendering with real-time display.

New Character tools, allowing the user to set up complex rigs quickly and easily.

Cinema 4D Release 21

Animation refinements. Rotation Order and Gimbaling Rotation Axis to detect and correct gimbal lock. Better timeline markers.

Finely tuned F-Curves. Colored animation paths. Optimized Modeling workflow. Terrain Mask shader. Brick Shader enhancements. Enhanced MoGraph Muti-Shader. Improved Interface and Workflow. Enhanced Picture Viewer. Enhanced Xpresso UI. Camera Calibrator. V-Ray offers several sky models for the realistic lighting of scenes — including Hosek sky with atmospheric haze. Volumetric environment fog now renders even faster to help you quickly generate clouds, volume lights and more.

V-Ray boasts a real-time clipper allowing you to cut geometry — even proxies, multiple times — and offers an option to use custom geometry for Booleans. Architectural section renderings are now a breeze! Rendering lights on separate layers is also supported. Bartek Romanowicz Architecture. Shoreline Structure Bartek Romanowicz Architecture.

Lab Licensing

Leather Chair nu. Portfolio Nuno Silva Architecture. Beach Restaurant Boox Architecture. Cinematic environments Thomas Dubois Art. List prices do not include taxes. See full system requirements.