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I'm a south paw as well and have always had a love hate relationship with 3-ring binder planners. I've always been attracted to them but just couldn't write in them as much as i could, due to the rings getting in the way. Then I discovered the hPDA method, index cards.

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And no matter how i write or which way i hold the cards, it's been great for me to capture all my information. So this may be something you could look into as well. Lots of us have images of our hPDAs and planners in the gallery for you to look at.

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I found these moleskine planners. LINK From looking at them, I would think a left or right handed person would have an easy time using it Hope this helps someone I also am a southpaw and have discovered the Moleskines are about as flat for writing as you can get. For the rest of my life, I haven't figured out the best way. Maybe it's simply another Moleskine?! Ygor, if you really are going to do software for us lefties, please let us know when it's up and going. What do you need that is not already there? I expect you would just print stuff out with slightly different margins than us "northpaws".

Why should you wear your watch on the left wrist? Here’s the answer!

Tell me what you want and I will consider adding it to my "to do" list. Ok - finally got myself organized with a letter sized binder and am struggling with tabs - how to organize work and personal stuff and wondering if I should color code. As for the left hand adjustments, I have been using a weekly planner on the right side of the binder and a daily to do list on the left side of the binder which is a d-ring and allows for the left side to lay flat - a big help, since I write on that sheet more.

It is a pain, but I also use a clipboard and keep plenty of forms on it, which are pre-punched. I ordered some expensive supplies that were on sale - yourmo. I also use bulldog clips to keep a light notebook ready on the fly. Then I print out my outlook calendar every couple of days and keep it in a plastic sheet protector. It is extremely hard to write in binders all the time, especially if you only write on one side.

Well, this year for school i decided to go with the binders, like the booklist says. I think it will be good, organisationally anyway, because I am into my 2 final years of school and the two years continue on. So I can then keep all my notes and stuff. As for my planner, which is in a binder, I havent really been using it. I love the forms but I do believe that it would be easier to just use my school diary, and the other diary i usually buy.

I think that I will use all the forms still, as i have a huge pinboard in my dorm room. I've discovered that the best way for me to write in a binder is have the binder fairly full -- not packed, but not half-empty either. Then I put my Inbox and journal pages in the center of the book.

That way my hand has a stack of paper to rest on while I'm writing on the right-hand side of the binder.

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Thats a really good idea! I may try that! I figure that in the long run, well at least for the rest of school it will be better to use binders to keep everything together than to use books. I am doing some research if anyone has made any left handed ring binders- and if not- then I will try and make it my new buisiness venture, jsut for us lefties!

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Vanessa xx. When I was in school I just wrote in the binder starting in the back, to do homework I always removed the page from the binder and wrote on it with the holes on the left. When I put it back in my binder the homework faced the notes from the class. I remember seeing spiral notebooks for lefties with ring holes on the left and perorations on the right, but I always thought that was just dumb. It wouldn't be hard to make your own binder, then fill it with your own custom-printed pages made to be top-bound. Sounds like project time to me!

We recommend Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, Kits and Equipment Hi all - I just found this site and it looks amazing! What have other lefties done?

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Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. Short answer, HipsterPDA : Print out templates you need and bind them together in the way you like most There are combo 3-ring Submitted by Anonymous not verified on Tue, Not a perfect solution, but then there aren't many perfect solutions for lefties.

This is an interesting idea Submitted by flexiblefine on Tue, I've never come across a pair of Ginghers left-handed knife edge sewing scissors newer than about 20 years ago, that actually work. I think Gingher did something to the angle of the handles that has made them virtually unusable. If you want to pull hard to the left on the larger of the two handles with the fingers of your left hand, these scissors will work after a fashion, but your hand will tire very quickly.

I don't recommend these scissors. Buy a pair of Marks or Wiss scissors instead. They are unequivocally the best left-handed scissors I have ever used. In fact, they are the only left-handed scissors that actually have left-handed blades, not just a left-handed handle. It's important that left-handed people learn to use them correctly.

I disagree with Linda. The fact that the sheath slips on in the same direction as the right-handed ones is of minor consequence. I was so excited to finally have a pair of Gingher, which my grandma has always said was the best brand out there, and left-handed to boot! I've lived my whole life in a left-handed scissor shortage, which have bruised my thumb and stressed me out, and I was looking forward to being able to cut my fabric with much ease. These don't cut the whole length of the blade, if that makes sense.

I have to hold them at an awkward angle about halfway down the blades to cut anything, and so it takes a good deal of effort and time to cut with these.

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I had them sharpened at a quilting store and they still cut the same way as before. There's lots of great info on their website too. Places to Go: Carriers!

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