One coupon per person

Extreme Couponing – ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE?

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Senior Member Trader rating: 68 missdanalu's Wishlist. Super Member Trader rating: 0. Posting Rules. Similar Threads. When it says "Limit 1 coupon printer per offer. LinkBack URL. That being said, some cashiers may not fully understand the fine print. This can lead them to refuse a coupon that your purchase actually qualifies for. I hope this helps dispel any hesitation you have about using your coupons. I truly believe that the best way to feel confident about couponing is to know how to read your coupons!

May 24, at pm. Yes I had 2 coupons I printed out at coupons. May 28, at pm. Some coupons restrict the use to just one time per coupon. The serial code on the coupon is what this is referring to. March 31, at pm. Im a little confused! Im new to all of this and i guess the most confusion i have is the double and triple couponing! January 13, at am. I looked through all my coupons to see what could be doubled. Then other coupons do not have the barcode broken down ex: 5 … Some show a barcode that reads Do these double?

September 9, at am.

Confusing Coupon Lingo Explained

Even if you have four of the same coupon with the phrase “One per customer” or “ One per person” you can't use more than one total. You can. Understanding how a coupon works will empower you with knowledge and confidence so that you can be a better couponer!.

June 28, at pm. June 29, at am. August 23, at pm. How does this coupon apply to me?

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Anyone know if it does? May 13, at pm. Hi, I am new at this and trying to figure out the best way to start couponing. I purchased the sunday paper for the first time and found that there really are not that many coupons in it. May 14, at am. Hi Sierra. Is the coupon found in one of the Walgreens coupon books? Or in-ad coupon? Usually the way Walgreens coupons work is that when you scan the coupon once at the register, it takes the value off of all the products you buy. Make sense?

February 2, at pm. In your search for coupon information have you run across any standards for coupon widths? Working on a project that requires information on coupons. January 11, at pm. I have a?

How To Read Coupons ~ Understanding the Wording and Anatomy

On how to read a coupon. Ok the coupon says limit one coupon per person. No more than 4 coupons of any kind for the same product in the same transaction. What does this mean?? January 16, at pm. It says per person? If it does then that is what you must follow. If you mean per purchase, then it means you can only use one coupon per purchase each item, or set of items you buy is a purchase and only 4 of that coupon in a transaction.

January 2, at pm. I am new to couponing and trying to understand the wording. Does that mean that I save. December 7, at pm. November 15, at pm. November 16, at am. November 15, at am.

How To Read Coupons: A Basic Breakdown

Each store is different. November 5, at pm.


What a great and thorough post! It does make sense. No rules lawyering, please. June 29, at am. SW:I have more than one of these coupons Latest Comments. This practice has obviously been around before, but it seems to be everywhere since the beginning of the last Recession.

I know the whole 1 coupon per purchase and all that. BUT what does limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip mean? Hope you understand my question? It means you can only use 4 of those same coupons per shopping trip. October 18, at am. About decoding a coupon.. I have found that some, not all mnfctrs word or state a required amount to purchase.. September 13, at pm. Just a question i like to ask about coupon i have save 75 c ON ANY colgate sensitive pro relief toothbrush it means that i have to buy the toothbrush or if it says ON ANY i can use this coupon for any other colgate product.

October 5, at pm. If it says toothbrush — you have to buy the toothbrush. It does not mean any colgate product. August 30, at am. Hey, i was checking out the article because some of my coupons are confusing, and i was trying to figure out how to know if a product was included with the coupon before getting to the register.

365 Ways To Save: One Coupon Per Purchase, Order & Household

I didnt realize people even thought of cheating the system, thats just crazy! August 1, at am. I am confused. August 3, at pm. If you are purchasing 15 items and have 15 coupons that say one coupon per purchase, then you can use 15 coupons. If the coupon says one coupon per purchase per transaction or household, you can only use 1 per transaction.

Coupon Fine Print - What Does it Mean? - Frugal Confessions - How to Save Money

July 10, at pm. I really enjoy your site; I am preparing to begin couponing. It looks like your link to the Moms Need to Know site is broken. I guess they also thought better of posting that info. May 30, at pm. May 9, at pm. May 11, at pm. May 2, at am. April 14, at am. February 20, at pm. February 22, at pm. January 17, at pm. Also kept thinking to myself…. January 18, at pm.

January 15, at pm. On extreme couponing the people are saving a lot of money by collecting the same coupon on that one product, but most only allow one coupon per purchase. So how do they save all this money if the are only allowed to use the coupon once? Each item is a purchase. May 12, at pm. Each box is a purchase so they get their own coupon. May 17, at pm. Molly , No, only 1 coupon can be applied to each item. You cannot use another coupon on either of those boxes.

For example, if my shopping trip consisted of only those two boxes in your example, then that would be one coupon per transaction. If I used two coupons like I described, then that would be one coupon per purchase because you are purchasing items. November 16, at pm.

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November 20, at pm. Great article. I found the discount table helpful is there a similar table for the mfg id and family codes? September 28, at am. Thank you for taking your time to post. I have in the past made some mistakes and have always wondered why they took one stack of coupons and not another.

February 24, at pm. We should encourage everyone to participate in this.