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Well, at least the prices of those Gis that are worth having, anyway. Doing that for years made me quite the aficionado at spotting a BJJ Gi sale. Back in feudal Japan, the Samurai wore the Gi as a uniform underneath their armor. As war waging unarmed combat morphed into the sport, the armor got discarded and the Gi came into focus. White Gis fro everyone promoted equality, upheld the old tradition of training in a uniform and even had a practical use. As belts got introduced, people also got a rank that was easily distinguishable on white Gis.

The basic colors nowadays are white, blue and black, but there are plenty of other options, both plain and multicolored. Moreover, Gis nowadays are covered in patches, some generic and others down to the individual grappler. This allows you to customize a Gi much more than you can a rashguard, at least in terms of style. There are different weave patterns that produce Gis of different quality.

Generally, the more complex the weave, the more durable, but heavier, the Gi is going to be. Colors allowed in the competition are black, blue and white. Most high-quality Gis are perfectly safe to wash In a machine, but with some, you should expect some shrinkage. Check out our ultimate Gi guide for more information on weaves, Gi weight, washing, and shrinkage rate. Getting a high-quality BJJ Gi on a cheap is not something you can do easily.

The alternative is to check out all the Gis that are currently on sale, now all featuring in our high-class BJJ Gi Sale.

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We made sure we included only Gis that are going to last, are allowed in competition and are a great fit for daily training. Basically, the selection criteria were down to price, weave type, durability, comfort levels, and style.

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Even if you decide to completely devote to buying digital material we got you covered! It provides maximal elasticity and an extended range of motion. As expected, it is a John Danaher release, this time featuring a very popular position. If you have long arms and long legs buy one size up because the sleeves will shrink. Quality is never an issue with them, but prices are usually not that budget friendly. I prefer the pearl weave above any other weaves on this list, it just feels high quality when compared to the others.

All the options below tick each and every one of these boxes. The Ronin Gi is a lightweight pearl weave Gi. It is one of the most comfortable Gis to wear, with a perfect fit for anyone as a result of its integrated flexibility. The jacket has thick EVA foam incorporated in the collars to ensure quick and easy drying. Pants are twill cotton, reinforced at the knees and crotch, extremely soft and weigh only 11 oz.

The cut is unisex, so anybody can wear this Gi and still get a perfect fit. Durability is a big quality of the Ronin Gi, thanks to the specialized stitching and reinforcements. Most people that have been training for a while owned a Fuji Gi at one point or another.

Well, Fuji is still going strong, and this time, one of their top products is available at an amazing deal! Of course, you have your basic competition approved colors. However, Fuji also offers navy and pink options for those looking to be original on the mats. You can wear and wash it daily and it will still outlast most other Gi brands. The Gi fits both men and women and is designed with comfort in mind.

Available in a wide range of both male and female adult sizes.

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If minimalism and ultimate performance are your goals then this is the Gi to get. The best part about this Gi is that you have two versions to choose from, with the main difference being in weight. The gsm one is lighter and features custom fiber that gives it maximum mobility while guaranteeing durability. For professional grapplers, this is one of the best options to include sponsors on.

Colors include blue, black, white, navy and grey. Sizes range from A1 to A5, in both the lightweight and middleweight version. The pants are full ripstop, only 10 oz heavy and completely reinforced all over. Weight kg.

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