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zyhijuzuko.tk/map5.php Our friends at What Hi-Fi said: "These headphones also offer an enjoyable listen. Vocals and instruments are afforded a good deal of texture, and are nicely separated on a well-organised soundstage. They offer 22 hours playback with all features enabled, or up to 40 in low power mode with no loss of quality. Our in-house experts on TechRadar said: "The Megaboom boasts a powerful sound that's filled with crispness and heady bass. Providing a full, room-filling experience has long been a strong suit of UE's cylindrical Bluetooth speakers, and the larger hardware is just as worthy of the accolade.

Every genre of music that we lobbed at it sounds vibrant and expansive. In the US?

Incredibly loud, and with an unmistakably iconic design, this skilled centrepiece wireless speaker balances Bluetooth, AirPlay, ChromeCast, Spotify Connect and multi-room. On release, TechRadar gave it a warm review but said the price was too high. If you're a fan of Marshall and rock iconography in general, you'll already notice its classic design, but it's jam-packed with world-class engineering and a sound big enough to fill a room — no wonder we picked it as one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now. It also includes a 3. The JBL Pulse 3 is the perfect party speaker, packing tons of bass, sound and its own light show.

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The hour battery time will keep the tunes flowing long into the night, and it's waterproof in case you spill a beer or two. Shaped like a fat coffee mug, this rugged Bluetooth speaker is designed to cope with knocks and its IPX7 rating means it can float in shallow water for half an hour. If you have a like-minded friend who owns a Wonderboom, you can pair them together and raise the volume to arena show levels. Well, a fair bit, anyway.

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This thing goes insanely loud and with Wi-Fi onboard as well as Bluetooth, you can use its built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant to control your music. And its battery lasts the entire day and can even charge your phone or tablet, too. This speaker promises a fancy light show and hefty base, and its portability and waterproof qualities make it great for a day at the beach or lido.

Sure, there are other portable speakers on the market that sound a little better, but now it's had its price cut, it's far more in line with other speakers in this price range. You don't always think of music when it comes to Amazon's personal assistant, but Alexa and her little Dot are brilliant for hands-free music listening.

Whether you use it as a Bluetooth speaker and play Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music through her, or use Amazon's Music Unlimited service now available for 99p a month , the sound is good for such a small speaker and the voice-control is handy, even if you're just telling her to change the volume or skip a track you don't like. Use your voice to play music, get answers from Google and worry slightly about your sanity. Or maybe that's just us.

Google Home works with Android and iOS, plays music, podcasts, news and radio and more. Using Amazon's Alexa voice-recognition software, and featuring a 6 year guarantee from Richer Sounds, this is a great speaker with all the benefits of an Amazon Echo. The Heavy Metal could cost far more than it does and nobody would complain. It's well-specced too: connect via Bluetooth 4.

The Noonday L comes with "state-of-the-art components, calibrated and fine-tuned by hand, and enhanced with aptX technologies to achieve acoustic perfection" it says here. A huge discount here make this the perfect stocking filler for someone who wants a decent bluetooth speaker to stick in their kitchen, spare room or garage. Sony PSHX A What Hi-Fi?

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Now it's half price! Features: 3 speeds 33, 45 and 78 RPM , built in speakers for playing straight of the box, RCA output for home stereo connection, Aux-in so you can even listen to other devices. Pro-ject are well-respected by serious audiophiles who consider them to be the ideal entry point for anyone beginning to take their hi-fi more seriously. The cheap and cheery Jam Sound just got cheaper and cheerier.

Just add vinyl! All in all a great looking turntable from an established great of the industry. A USB turntable in a suitcase, this an entry-level turntable. You have a choice of a slightly weedy, built-in speaker, a slightly noisy line out to an amp or external speaker, or USB, to rip your tunes via the bundled app, or any other audio capture software you may favour.

Clearly, you're not going to get audio to make hi-fi buffs stroke their beards with delight but the great thing about cheap turntables is that once cranked up, they do punch way above their price-weight. Tempted to dust off your vinyl or join the vinyl revolution for the first time? This USB turntable allows you to convert records to mp3. With a built-in phono stage and USB output, you can plug it into any amp with standard phono inputs or directly into your computer. We are not worthy! With MHS humbuckers with a Varitone switch, it's beautifully designed and appointed - and this weekend it won't break the bank.

Slash Les Paul Standard Plustop. Slash takes these things very seriously and worked with Epiphone to create this guitar to his exacting standards. Amazing price. Another starter pack, this electric guitar superkit comes complete with electric guitar, 20 watt practice amp, spare strings, tuner, strap, carry case, picks and connector cable.

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Clocking in with 4. It's Eddie-from-Killers but like those Star Wars men you used to collect er, you did stop collecting those, right? Doesn't matter!

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Is it weird to go to a concert alone? The singles era was dominated by the charts and they were driven by songwriter s and producers. Slash takes these things very seriously and worked with Epiphone to create this guitar to his exacting standards. We will be Shaped like a fat coffee mug, this rugged Bluetooth speaker is designed to cope with knocks and its IPX7 rating means it can float in shallow water for half an hour.

Eddie could fight Boba Fett. You could squeeze him into your Millennium Falcon! He could fight Darth Maul, armed only with an axe! Oh, just buy it. Who wouldn't love this? Black Friday just got even blacker. T-shirts in the Black Friday sale include the classic mag logo designs, collectible Metal Hammer Golden Gods tees, and some of our favourite designs inspired by rock and metal classics: Born To Lose, Dino's Bar and Grill and Charlotte's nightclub.

See also their Amon Amarth swimsuit. What could be more rock than a bearded hairy skull? Get it from EMP while stocks last. Asos are one of many mainstream retailers that dips its toes into band merch. Looking a bit like a modified baseball top, it features a 'shark bite' cut that's longer at the sides. HMV has it onsale and they have their Pure Points scheme which means you earn points towards more saving while snapping up a bargain.

Said Classic Rock : " Evil Spirits is a whirl of Shadows twang, steampunk and wailing guitar that embraces the ghosts of the 60s more closely than any punk notions. The Supergrass guy returned this year with an acclaimed album of psychedelic pop and electro-rock. Blink's classic is 20 years old next year. Holy shitballs. Make yourself feel old with this bargain-ous vinyl reissue. Their first two albums, both from , and reissued on vinyl this year: gorgeous jazzy folk like only the 70s could make.

So prolific is Van The Bloody Man that he's released two other studio albums since this offering — and has another due next month.

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Roll With The Punches is a selection of R'n'B covers and new songs from a guy still wowing audiences. Originally, Cyber Monday had nothing to do with Black Friday, but now they're stuck together in one glorious weekend of bargain hunting and deal grabbing. Back in the midsts of time, Black Friday was primarily an in-store event, urging shoppers to leave their Thanksgiving leftovers behind to buy TVs, laptops, headphones, games consoles and much more at limited low prices.

Similarly, Cyber Monday was all about the online deals in the run-up to Christmas, but focussing primarily on clothing and jewellery. But now, thanks to online retailers growing ever larger and our own inherent laziness, everything is online and the lines between Black Friday and Cyber Monday have blurred into one amorphous mass of discounted goods from hundreds of retailers — on and offline. Originally an American idea and based in real-life stores, gradually Black Friday has moved to the digital world with brands like Amazon, eBay and Apple offering huge deals across the hour period.

Cole: Basically, deals mean the label gets a piece of everything. Back in the days, it was sacred that a label could not touch your show money. So traditional deals would be typically be an agreement with an artist and a label where the label would fund the music creation, promotion, distribution and take a cut of all music sales. A deal is a response to this: record labels will get involved in other aspects of the artist and also take a cut of these revenue streams as well.

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One of the figureheads of the record deal is none other than veteran music executive Lyor Cohen. While he usually gets a bad rap for being a strong advocate of the deal, when it comes to this rap game, there are few people with a deeper pedigree than Lyor Cohen. Over the next couple decades, Lyor will continue to rise steadily to the top of the music food chain, taking over Def Jam and ushering in a new generation of multiplatinum artists like DMX, Jay-Z, Ja Rule and more. Over the past few years Entertainment has grown to become one of the preeminent independent labels offering record deals to big name artists such as Fetty Wap, Young Thug, Migos and more.

I have no problem with taking a piece when I do something for an artist.

If I get them a brand deal, a tour, [a] publishing deal, then I feel I deserve a piece. For hip-hop artists out there grinding their heart and pouring blood, sweat and tears into their music, a deal naturally sounds like a bad thing. Remember — as a record label owner, you might have hundreds of employees depending on your decisions. Maybe only one of these artists are making hits and selling music — for example Fetty Wap on Entertainment — you can still focus on developing and promoting the other 4 artists. Because there are less artists on the roster and there are other ways that they can be making money instead of just music sales — for example Young Thug can go on tour with Travis Scott and sell merchandise.

Since Roc Nation is invested in J.