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Layla Sleep Limited time. Because Bamboo must be pulped and are exposed to chemicals to break down their woody fibers to create a more pliable material for use in fabrics, they are not as naturally processed as cotton or silks.

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But despite this, many claims surround their use in homes where people suffer from allergies with a wide range of success. Plus, it seems to help keep dust mites from accumulating — which is another source of allergy flare-ups. What better material to use up against your own skin night after night?

Natural fibers almost always breathe easier than synthetics, and despite having a softer, thicker feel to it- bamboo-based materials have excellent airflow.


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Industry measurements accept a standard of pillow sizes of 20 x 26 inches, x 30 inches, and x 36 inches for standard, queen, and king sizes respectfully. Most bamboo pillows follow these general guidelines to ensure you can fit them within store-bought pillowcases. The loft of pillows, or the height of a pillow when placed upon a flat surface, is dependent upon the type of fill used within.

Since most bamboo pillows are fairly malleable, their loft can often be quite high due to the air pockets within, but compress easily under weight to provide a more accurate measurement.

Bamboo pillows are almost always synonymous with a shredded memory foam or shredded memory foam blend filling. Since memory foam traditionally is a slightly warmer sleeping surface, this combination helps create a cooler surface to sleep upon. But more importantly, the strength it lends to holding an extremely malleable and easy-to-shape type of filling creates a personalized sleep comfort. This shapeable filling makes this a very versatile pillow that can be used for all sleep positions as well as a support for your back, hips, knees, and other body parts depending on how you choose to use it.

It also is a favorite of those who like to tuck their arm up under their pillow since the shredded foam easily conforms to their body shape without cutting off circulation. What makes bamboo pillows so popular are their awesome malleability. Although there are a few that use a more solid sleeping surface, the majority are created with shredded memory foam which provides the awesome contouring and pressure point reduction of a regular memory foam but also allows for increased airflow as well as a softer overall feel.

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When combined with polyfill or a similar soft fiber blend, it can actually begin to mimic the feel of a feather and down pillow. Most of these pillows come with a large amount of filling within to create a thicker, firmer pillow feel. This can be adjusted through the removal or addition of filling to create thicker, softer comfort or even a plush-to-firm thin pillow depending on your needs.

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Often getting this just right can take a bit of time as the material needs time to settle and distribute evenly, but taking the time to find your level of comfort is well worth it. These pillows can range in comfort levels from extra firm to soft. Folding the pillow firms it up, while turning it on its side makes it softer and thinner. Bamboo pillows are also popular for travel due to how well they compress. Memory foam can be flattened, and by rolling a bamboo pillow tight, you can take your favorite full-size pillow with you while traveling without taking up the space of one.

Although the list of bamboo pillow pros is long and varied, there are a few cons that could be a deal breaker for many people. Personal preferences combined with body type, weight, and height are all things that may not make a bamboo pillow your best choice. Because bamboo materials are usually combined with memory foam, a man-made material, it may have an off-gassing smell created from it because of being encased in packaging and not being able to breathe. These are normal, slight chemical smells that usually dissipate rather quickly upon opening. They are caused by a buildup of synthetic gases, which are no different than what most of your everyday household items release.

Because memory foam is easily compressed, it may be packaged and stored tightly rolled or vacuum sealed. Over time, memory foam will normally begin to bounce back less and less as it is compressed over and over. Poor storage prior to purchase can begin to wear memory foam qualities down and shorten its life.

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Plumping your pillow and allowing it to rest through the day is the best way to ensure a longer life. Non-adjustable pillows are less likely to work with a wider variety of people than those that can have filling removed or added, but even those have their drawbacks. Often, it can take a bit of time to get just the right level of comfort that works with your personal preferences and body position needs.

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Removing and adding filling as convenient as it may seem can also be a bit of a messy chore. Plus, you need to provide a place to keep anything you remove. Shredded memory foam, especially when blended with a fiber filling of some sort, is small and static-laced, which means it wants to stick to everything. Taking a handful heap at a time rather than trying to move a lot is the best way to approach its removal or addition to the open space provided on the secondary case. Storing it in a large ziplock bag also seems the best way to keep it well contained, although it will want to static cling to it no matter what you do.

Memory foam is a dense hefty fill. Even when shredded, it is rather heavy in nature and is not the filling you want to be hit with during a pillow fight. Although definitely shapeable and full of awesome air pockets that help conform to and redistribute the filling for your comfort, it is a heavier pillow overall.

Traditionally memory foam is not an easily washable material and can begin to break down with the application of moisture over time.