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go to link CenturyLink Internet Price for Life plans come in speed tiers of up to 10 Mbps, up to 20 Mbps, up to 40 Mbps, or up to Mbps listed speeds may not be available in your area. Every plan comes with guaranteed round-the-clock support, so whether your Wi-Fi starts to wobble in the morning or your TV signal goes down during primetime, an experienced tech is available over the phone to troubleshoot the issue and talk you through the fix.

Router refusing to connect to certain devices? Self-installation not quite coming together? With mo. Prices higher in 2nd year. Want to continue your premium channel viewership after your three-month period is up? New approved residential customers only equipment lease req'd. Get a free Genie HD DVR upgrade to power your whole home, record up to 5 shows at once and store hours of entertainment. Talk to a representative for installation details. Blackout restrictions apply to sports programming. Program must air in HD to record in HD. Visit directv. Centurylink is terrible been a customer since before , after 6 more months never again.

I would not sign up for Centurylink internet. Their thieves, but the only other option in my area is Comcast and their just as bad — had business with them before. Wish I had been getting a paper bill. Long story short at the end of my contract they about x3 my internet rate and no recourse. Best wishes..! CenturyLink WiFi is not good at all. We upgraded our WiFi a couple months back and it seems the same as it was before, except the price got higher. If you are looking for a cheaper WiFi then I would go for this one, but I recommend just paying for a more expensive WiFi and not having to worry about the WiFi going down.

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Overall I do not recommend this to anyone because the service is terrible and the WiFi is bad. Worst customer service ever! I will never get any product they offer ever again. Do not do business with centurylink! And they are charging me Not very tech savvy which they take full advantage of! Call Vivint wireless they explain everything to me, they charge So I call centurylink and tell them I want to cancel, now after paying them I finally got them to cancel and wanted my services terminated on Saturdays 3 days later, the day vivint wireless came to install centurystink said they would and terminated services that day!

Not 3 days later on Saturday like they said they would Do! Running up my data plan on my phone! Then the crooked sons of bitches sends me a bill for the full month!!! No respect for their customers! Repairs take forever and even the tecs say they are over worked and under paid! No one wants to work for them…. I guess that is why they hang up on you multiple times when you need a repair, they know it will be a week or more until someone is available to help you. Rude and inconsiderate are the two best words to dedcribe this company. I had my business lines with them.

I finally just cancelled the phone and am using my cell phone. They have hidden charges everywhere. At least Comcast sends people out to pretend to fix things. Both representatives were unhelpful. The one promised to call back with an answer for me and never returned my call as she promised. Absolutely disgusted with this company. How hard do I have to try to have you take my money for internet services? Looks like I have to stick with them.

SUCH a bullshit company. SUCH terrible customer service. When CenturyLink called to request to pay some fees I do not own, I seriously thought that I am talking with some scammers or drug dealers. The fellow yelled and then started to blackmail me, although I was their costumers for 30 years!!! They do not have an office where one can go to talk to someone in person and they do not have a decent costumer service over the phone. CenturyLink is a terrible company. So glad I do not need to deal with them ever again. I have had centurylink since they first started in my rural area.

We have a plan that is supposed to be 3. I am lucky to receive half of that. I have contacted them. But all they tell me is, i am in an exhaust area. So when more people are on it the service line that i am attached to the slower it goes. They have given me some good credits. The only reason i still have them, is because, there is no one else that i can get.

I am about ready to call them and ask if they want to buy my desktop. Especially if you live in a rural area. Be happy you can get another ISP. There is no other ISP in my area.

Not even hughesnet. Talk about frustrating. Century Link is terrible both in service 1. Worst company to deal with! They are horrible, net speed is 1. Customer service reps lie about rates all the time. Absolutely the worst company in the world, everyone start your own business! Four hours on the phone, do you have to wait two weeks, because they screwed up. Cannot say enough bad about Centry link. Absolutely no one cares in customer service or technical support. As a phone company you would think the connection would always be clear, people hanging up on you because you cannot understand a word they are saying.

Cannot say enough bad about this terrible terrible company. I was a 20 year centrylink customer with residential service then later I added Internet service, when it came available in my area. This year they are stopping all there promotional discounts and my phone bill increased as well as the Internet. Due to this I cancelled my services and the fact that it buffered everyday and mostly all day and I was already on the highest speed 4 mbps.

The prices listed is not true you cannot get what they have promised in the above plans. When I tried to call back and get the 5 megabytes per second along with the booster they said I could get to come back they had no memory of that. I would give them a zero if I could. Worst company I ever dealt with in almost fifty years. Please do your research and avoid the stress. They lied to me!!! No problems ever until we moved.

I was excited because Centurylink had services in the area we were moving to. I set up to move our accounts with a customer service rep. Well they reimbursed us that after I called and complained. Come to find out that I have to return the router.

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Cox is the way to go. I have called a half dozen times, talked to multiple supervisors, and still cannot get any feedback on when the line is going to be buried and why it has taken this long for it to be done. I have not had any problems with my bill just that they dont communicate. They claim i had 4 chargebacks so they blocked me from paying by check. I am NOT paying the 4. So I called and finally complained spoke to a supervisor and she acted like she could have cared less. They have alwasy been good to me but they cant figure anything out.

Was told I have the check block on my account for chargebacks back from June July August and September. But I was never charged a fee from my bank.

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Nor did I receive any letters, emails or even a phone call. So I sent in a check in November and they accepted that but January payment is being sent back? I have called in an complained about why my payment after 4 yrs was not accepted online and no one knows.

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And all of a sudden they block me? How stupid unfortunately there is no other internet provider in my area. Communication there isnt.. I ordered internet more than a week ago. So I called and then they said they would be here on the 11th. I called multiple times and was told they would be here on the 12th. No show again no call. Needless to say I canceled and Cable America sucks. I know things happen but call, email, text something to keep me updated. I turned my other internet off the day they said they would be here.

This company is horrible and when you call corporate they laugh about you when they THINK you are on hold. Very bad business. Today I called and told them to not bother coming out. I am done they can treat us bad because they are the only provider around. Well screw that. At the most, I get 1. Mike was extremely rude and actually hung up on me as I tried to help my dad navigate the system. He told me I had no right to help him with his account. Please know that we will get rid of century link as soon as possible. The rates are toooooo high and the customer service is quite rude.

The fact that the rating at the top of this web form shows 3. I can guarantee you that CenturyLink overall has a rating of no more than maybe 2 out of 5 stars with customers. I am now reporting them to the regulatory commission in my state and the FCC for fraud and generally poor business practices. I needed at least 3MB up for a service I was using. If CenturyLink is the slumdogs of the industry, Comcast is the mafia. A few days after the CenturyLink installation I tested the speed and it was about 20MB down but only 1.

Only 2MB. I have been with Century Link for over 3 years and other than the speeds not always being what you really thought you were paying for, I didnt have many issues with them, until I moved. The tech who came out to install the new line was rude and short with me. He was leaning behind it to staple the wire to the ceiling unfinished basement and he pushed the top half straight onto the floor breaking two panes of glass and one of the doors.

I called back several times that day and left several messages but to no avail. I had to resort to email and that is slowly getting it done. They are the worst and I will be cancelling my account at the end of this month when I will be moving and not bringing them with me! The service is horrible. It was a 3-day process to get an actual technician to our house.

Get your act together and take care of the customers. No matter what the price is its not worth the money. In the Cottonwood AZ area you are down more than up. Plus overseas support is a problem. Terrible product, terrible service, terrible customer service.

After big promises Our internet service was terrible, super slow and choppy. Needless to say, as soon as our contract was up we switched… and that brings to our second part of the problem… we called to close and pay our balance which we did. The next month we got another bill which surprised us but we payed anyway thinking we were being overcharged but not wanting to call and be on hold forever. The next month they sent us a check for a refund because, their words, we were overcharged nice surprise! Cashed it. Needless to say never did.

But beware!!! All they do is pass your call around until they wear you down. I hope this helps you stir clear away from century link. Another deeply customer dissatisfied ex-customer. My bill tripled in 60 days. They entice you with promotional pricing and then gouge you with auto-paid predatory pricing rates afterwards. Avoid them. How much was reviews. Are you on commission? I have endured the most inept customer service in my life, thanks to CenturyLink.

Three no-shows for installation so far. I mean, their system dropped my call back to the in-line pool three times when customer service reps placed me on hold. And keep in mind, this is a communications company! This is their customer service just for getting you setup and online. How do they stay in business, other than enjoying a near-monopoly with similarly inept Comcast.

I live in this third world place in North America called Minnesota, in the twin cities area. Having been a Century Link customer since , I look back to my days in Hong Kong and Mainland China with nostalgia — there the minimum speed in interior rural China is now Mbps.

When I call customer service from my home phone also Century Link the connection is unbelievably poor! After a long and involved conversation, my internet speed goes up to almost 9 Mbps for a few weeks, and then its back to a crawl. Is this one of the companies that will take us into the future? Looks pretty bleak! I recently canceled my Century Link service.

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All Program participants must maintain a qualifying CenturyLink account in good credit standing to receive all applicable Program rewards, as allocated below. Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately. All functions and programming subject to change at any time. Please note that certain speeds may not be available in your area. Their system just kept cancelling my order silently. Needless to say never did. Well they reimbursed us that after I called and complained.

I had been a customer for about years. Last July I moved and when I called CenturyLink to move my service, for some reason the agent said she had to close my old account and open a new one. After we had moved in, I was still being billed on my old account as well as my new one, among other fees I incurred for having both accounts. I called and spoke to a Supervisor of some sort. She was really confused as well as to why the agent had set me up with a new account. She took care of my billing issues and sent me a Visa gift card for all the inconvenience. We recently decided to switch internet providers and close our CenturyLink account.

When I explained the situation he said there was nothing he could do to waive the fee. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was placed on hold for 25 minutes to then be disconnected. I called back and talked to four different people before being transferred to the finance department. He confirmed. Today, I received my final bill.

The folks on chat told me to contact the finance department again next week. CenturyLink, this is precisely why I have chosen to leave. One agent says one thing and another says something different. I am upset that I now have to waste more of my time fixing a mistake that even your own employees have admitted was a mistake and have compensated me for as an apology for the inconvenience! Such poor service. Switched recently from Comcast to CenturyLink fiber optic. So far the service looks great: 40Mbps download 20Mbps Upload with a steady ping reply of 3ms to my workplace. The installation tech was professional and very helpful to accommodate my requests.

I had a nightmare when trying to connect CenturyLink. No one gave me explanation or even a notice. Their system just kept cancelling my order silently. So was in a loop of creating new account, schedule installation, no one showed up, customer service confirming order was missing, saying sorry and creating another new account. NEVER seen a service so bad.

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First off literally took 3 and a half weeks to get my service on after payment. If u have a diff option i recomend to go with it. Yeah they are terrible. Wow century link is such crap. To think that someone would have to try several times and still get nowhere at all is beyond me. This is the worst internet service I have ever had!

My friend had recommended them to me because it was cheaper than other companies.

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Now I see why. They got me into a year contract which was just the beginning of all of the problems. They were annoyed of me when I talked to them. I was on the phone with customer support for two and a half hours!! For the whole year, it has been soo slow. But they told them they would give me a thirty dollar visa gift card which I never got. After a whole year of shit I finally am able to cancel. I have talked to three people to cancel, and the last one I asked her to cancel the account on the She confirmed with me that she did it on the